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Girls for wedding, By Meghla, 18, younger Leader from Bangladesh

Girls for wedding, By Meghla, 18, younger Leader from Bangladesh

I will be Meghla from Bangladesh. I will be a person in the little one & Youth Forum of World Vision Bangladesh. We am extremely dedicated to advocating for the final end to kid wedding, especially for the girls who will be the victims of kid wedding during my community.

In the region where We reside, we carried out child-led research and discovered that 40 percent of girls aged between 10 and 16 yrs. Old whom have hitched before they have been 18. It is being a significant kid liberties concern inside our culture.

The kid & Youth Forum is a huge platform we can express our views and problems and raise our voice against sexual abuse and violence against children for us where.

We advocate for modification with this community through awareness-raising promotions to safeguard kids from son or daughter wedding. Our company is united by way of a committee, including teachers, kiddies and folks through the community. We likewise have a great collaboration using the neighborhood authorities.

We joined up with the young Child Forum once I had been 13 yrs old. I’ve took part in many services and workshops that aided us to know about the impact that is negative of wedding and I also have always been now really invested in stopping it. On the basis of the things we discovered, We have undertaken understanding increasing with my community individuals to distribute our communications. (altro…)