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Antwe Crafted Meats

Antwe Crafted Meats

Offering only the deal that is real preservative free cured meats and charcuterie, Antwe Crafted Meats has bacon, luncheon meat, and sausages that may fill the kitchen in addition to stomach. They’ve spent much inside their recipe development in order to be certain you’ll get absolutely nothing however the deal that is real.

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Limon Farms

Limon Farms was made to focus on the Filipinos transitioning into a healthier lifestyle that is new. If you’re laying down canned products and processed foods, Limon Farms provides products which are fresh, neat and 100% organic. Their items range between natural chicken, pork, to reasonably eggs—all considered priced.

There’s no minimum purchase, but be sure to fill up on meals sufficient for your needs as well as your family members just! To purchase Limon Farms’ organic services and products, contact them through their mobile quantity, Instagram account, or Twitter page. (altro…)