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We’re anticipating working for you! Register with our publication

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Construction Loans

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Your construction finance professionals

As construction financing experts, we realize precisely what’s expected to have the working task done. We’ll be with you, to steer through each step of this process associated with the construction loan journey from begin to conclusion. We’ll additionally work closely together with your builder as well as other events involved to ensure the finance procedure operates efficiently. Within my Property & Finance, we’ve invested several years assisting everyday Australians secure finance to construct their fantasy homes – now it is your change!

Exactly just just How construction loans work

Construction loans are in contrast to regular mortgage loans, the primary distinction being that you don’t draw your funds down in one single swelling amount. Alternatively, the financial institution will launch funds for you in phases, which have a tendency to follow particular milestones in the building procedure. You can find frequently six progress re payments phases including; deposit, base/slab down, frame, lock-up, fit-out and practical conclusion.